The Further You Go, The Further You See

It’s Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. You’ve seen pictures of it. But until you’re actually viewing it from afar, you can’t quite capture its magnificence.

From the bottom, all you really can see is the peak. You hit some rocks. You hit some holes. We even run into some vicious squirrels.

And, as we take a break at 8,900 feet, we see people beginning to scale the dome up to the top.

What’s the point?

In life we don’t always know what we’ll encounter.

We might be able to see the peak. But, it’s impossible to predict everything you’ll encounter on the way to reaching that peak. But, the further you go, the further you’ll see. The rocks become clear and manageable. The holes become clear and avoidable. And, even the vicious squirrels become clear and out-runable.

Move forward.

Move up.

Keep moving.

The further you go, the further you’ll see. And, eventually you’ll stand on the top and see exactly how you got to the top.

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