Blake Mallen’s TEDx Talk Featured in LA Weekly for Recommended Transformation TED Talks

A recent article in LA Weekly included Blake Mallen’s ‘Shift the Script’ TEDx Talk, featured on with over 1 million views, as a top transformational TED talk for helping people navigate the ‘New Normal’ in a post-pandemic world. Mallen was included with five other noted leaders, advisors and entrepreneurs, including legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, and also Mel Robbins, Elizabeth Gilbert, Robert Waldinger, and Gerard Adams.

Quote from article…

“The billion-dollar brand builder and Alive by Design podcast host Blake Mallen emphasizes staying true to oneself as a stepping stone toward success. Countless times people have been told that being successful is how society defines them. Mallen’s inspirational statement rings true today as people are forced to shift their interests toward other fields, dissuading them from pursuing a path that is genuinely their own.”


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