My mission is to
create & inspire

My life is an adventure made up of genuine relationships, rich
experiences, and perpetual growth. I strive to live my life everyday
in such a way that it may inspire others to do the same.

Values I am drawn toward



Blake has spent his entire adult life as an entrepreneur. After a two-month, life-sucking freshman internship with a district attorney’s office, he knew the script he was “supposed” to follow was not for him. While still in school, he started at the bottom of a telecommunication direct marketing company and spent the next five years playing every role to earn his way to the top. It would take a season of long days and nights but Blake and a partner then parlayed an asset acquisition of the same company into co-founding ViSalus, a global nutrition and healthy lifestyle empire. Soon they added a third partner and started growing the company.

Blake’s tenure at ViSalus began as the Chief Marketing Officer, through which he architected a disruptive “challenge marketing” strategy that propelled the company to over 600% revenue growth in one year, including nearly $2 billion in accumulated revenue, earning the title as the number one weight-loss and fitness challenge in America.

In 2014, Blake and his two co-founders made a bold move to control their own destiny by personally spending $143 million to buy out ViSalus’s largest investor, to whom they had previously sold. While loyalty and commitment have always been hallmarks of his character, this one act made it clear to the entire organization and all who know him that Blake believes in what he does, and his definition of achievement is more than a bank statement.

Blake lives what he sells. Today he serves as president of the global enterprise he co-founded in his early twenties. Dive deeper and you discover that Blake is also a savvy innovator, philanthropist, and investor who sees each day as a new opportunity to learn, create, and inspire others.

To know Blake is to embrace a new perspective on what is possible. He is not your typical thought-leader. As a millennial, his breadth of experience give him wisdom well beyond his years. Yet, he’s not one to settle for what he knows or has. Neither Blake’s personal achievement nor his fulfillment are complete until those around him have elevated their own belief in what is possible for themselves.

“If I'm about anything, it's personal growth
and the growth of those around me.
Together we can do anything...”