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Live. Create. Inspire.

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About Blake

As a Millennial Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Blake Mallen has built billion-dollar brands and created success the unconventional way. He has nearly 20 years of diversified business, entrepreneurship and marketing experience, overcoming challenges for his own start-ups to public-owned companies. His personal mission: to Live, Create and Inspire, and to empower others to revolutionize their lifestyle by showing them what’s possible.

In his early twenties, Blake’s co-founded Vi (, which he built from an idea into a global healthy lifestyle brand, with millions of health transformations around the world. As the CMO, Blake architected a disruptive “Challenge Marketing” strategy that propelled the company to nearly $2 billion in cumulative revenue, earning the title as the #1 weight-loss and fitness challenge in America at the time.

Today, while still leading the international expansion of Vi, Blake also serves as the President of Liv ( — a global lifestyle platform he co-founded to inspire people to trade in the notion of the “Bucket List” for a “Liv List,” and revolutionize the Lifestyle category by providing extraordinary curated life experiences to the everyday person.

Continually challenging the status quo, Blake is constantly reinventing the visual of success by empowering others to shift the script away from the limitations of what you’re “supposed to” do, to create the life you are  “meant to” live.  From life enthusiast and high adventurer, to health advocate and avid surfer, to world traveler and family man, Blake actively lives the lifestyle brands he sells.

Always seeking to educate, equip and inspire people towards their pursuit of fully living, Blake is known as the Voice of the Micro-Generation, bridging the Baby Boomer, X and Millennial generations with perspectives, philosophies and prescriptions that transcend life stages. Passionate about giving back to families and communities, Blake has created social initiatives and give-back programs, such as ViCares and Liv2Giv, to help others live better.

Blake has been featured in industry publications and speaks at national conferences / international events on the topics of shifting life’s script, social marketing, brand building, organizational culture, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal growth.





“We need to stop trying to be the person we've been told we're 'supposed to' be, to become the person we are 'meant to' be.”