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Blake is a Billion-Dollar Brand Builder, Community Marketing Expert, TED Speaker, and the Host of the popular ‘ALIVE by Design’ Podcast, with over two decades of experience turning ideas into iconic healthy lifestyle brands that have transformed millions of lives.

Blake’s entrepreneurial journey began at age 19 when he realized the prescription, or life ‘script’, he was following would never lead to what he was truly “meant to” do. So, he made a shift and took a leap into entrepreneurship, becoming a self-made Millionaire by age 25 and co-founding a billion-dollar brand by his early 30s. Today, Blake helps entrepreneurs ‘shift the script’ so they too can find what they’re meant to do, become who they’re meant to be, and feel more ALIVE.

Blake builds companies and brands aligned with his personal mission. In his early 20s, he co-founded Vi, a health transformation platform that he and his business partners grew from an idea to over $2 billion in cumulative revenue, with their ‘Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge’ at the time being coined the “#1 Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge in America” and impacting over 3 million people across 16 countries Blake has also built other successful lifestyle brands, innovated technologies, and inspired mission-driven movements that have disrupted industries, received worldwide recognition and created meaningful positive change in people’s lives.

Inspired to help people WAKE UP to their potential, Blake created the ‘ALIVE by Design’ podcast, which features an enlightening mix of live shows, conversations with the world’s most impactful people, and inspired ideas and thoughts—all providing transformation principles that help people discover their purpose and potential.

A values-driven leader, Blake married his high school sweetheart and has daily ‘dad-life’ adventures with his young son, daughter, and their big American Bulldog. From life enthusiast and high adventurer, to active health advocate and longtime surfer, to world traveler and family man, he lives the lifestyle he sells.

Blake is featured in mainstream publications and speaks globally on his passion for community marketing, entrepreneurship and intentional living. His latest TED Talk on how to ‘shift the script’ is inspiring a movement to move toward your ‘meant to’ and make the shift from being alive, to feeling fully ALIVE.


Quick Bio

  • Blake is a billion-dollar brand builder, community marketing expert, TED Speaker, and the host of the popular ‘ALIVE by Design’ podcast.
  • As a lifestyle entrepreneur, Blake has over two decades of experience building global companies that have transformed millions of lives in the health, wellness and nutrition categories.
  • Blake speaks at events all over the world, and his latest TED Talk on how to ‘shift the script’ and his ‘ALIVE by Design’ podcast are currently helping people pursue their ‘meant to’ and make the shift from being alive, to feeling fully alive.

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Top Discussion Topics

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Self Doubt
  • Shifting the Script from “Supposed to” to “Meant to”
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Community-based Marketing
  • Finding Purpose, Passion and Potential
  • Growth Mindset 
  • Creating your Life Lens
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Strengths-based Development
  • Turning Missions into Movements

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