I want to wake people up to

their own passion, purpose, & potential.


Blake is a top international keynote speaker and dynamic educator who has empowered hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to pursue their purpose and potential. His audiences relate to his back story of how he grew up feeling the pressure to conform to society’s expectations and measurements of success… until he ‘shifted the script’ away from what he thought he was “supposed to” do, to create a life he felt he was “meant to” live. Today, he uses his passion and gifts to show others how to do the same. Blake is a Gallup Certified Strengths trainer, is featured in industry publications, and has been invited to speak at national conferences, international events, TEDx Talks and podcasts. His 20 years of business, marketing and leadership experience in building successful companies, brands and individuals enable him to provide unique and valuable insight on a variety of topics like:

Shifting Life’s Script

Lifestyle Entrepreneurship 

Physical, Mental, & Emotional Health

Growth Mindset and Belief Systems

Lifestyle Design

Community-based Marketing 

Accelerating Achievement

Strengths-based Development

Transformational Leadership & Culture

Blake is known for tailoring his keynotes and customizing content that is specific to different types of audiences and platforms; however, some of his most popular Keynotes in the past are: 

“Shift The Script – Why Your ‘Supposed To’ No Longer Works” (Featured on TEDX Talk)

Discovering & Leveraging Your Strengths — Maximizing Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 

Flip Your Filter: Turning Negatives into Positives

Your Life Lens – Unlocking your Purpose, Passion & Potential

EntreprenerSHIFTS – Becoming the Entrepreneur You’re Meant to Be

EQ – Mastering Emotional Intelligence

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