Helping entrepreneurs SHIFT

to accelerate income, elevate influence and amplify impact


Blake is a top international keynote speaker and dynamic educator who has empowered hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world to SHIFT towards greatness—in business and in life. His audiences relate to his back story of how he grew up feeling the pressure to conform to society’s expectations and measurements of success… until he ‘shifted the script’ away from what he thought he was “supposed to” do, to create a life he felt he was “meant to” live as a successful entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. Today, he shows other entrepreneurs how to do the same.

Through national conferences, international events, TEDx Talks, podcasts and master courses, Blake introduces audiences to his proven system designed around Energy SHIFTS that empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools & community they need to quickly scale into profitable and impactful businesses—and discover meaning along the way.

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