Yahoo! News: Blake Mallen’s ‘ALIVE by Design’ Podcast Show Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

As reported in Yahoo! News, Blake Mallen’s popular podcast series, ‘ALIVE by Design’ just celebrated its one-year anniversary with a special ‘guest awards’ episode to commemorate the line-up of high-profile industry experts, leaders, advisors and influencers featured on the weekly show within the past year. The anniversary episode also included fun facts, memorable takeaways as well as hits and highlights.

Awards List:

  • “Most Worthy of a Super Hero Cape” award – Rachele Brooke Smith
  • “Most Scandalous Episode Title” award – Dr. Robert Glover
  • “The Best Breakthrough Story” award – Jeremey Jackson
  • “The Most Likely to Make You Smile” award – Eliyahu Jian
  • “The Most Nostalgic” award – Ridgely Goldsborough
  • “The Most Timely” award – Nick Sarnicola
  • “The Highest IQ” award – Josh Trent
  • “The Most Transformational” award – Dolvett Quince
  • “The Most Powerful Quote” award – Brian Underwood
  • “The No Excuses” award – Sebastian Terry
  • “The Most Inspirational Career Shift” award – Brendan Burns


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