US Newswire: Blake Mallen Rolls Out New Initiatives to Prüvit Community

As reported across U.S and international news outlets, CEO Brian Underwood and Blake Mallen rolled out the main initiatives at the worldwide Prüvit event held on March 4 – 6, 2022 . “I was so excited to announce our first ever Core Four Challenge winners and see all the emotion behind it, along with bringing back the experiences and our Better trips for the community,” said Mallen.


Category King Prüvit Delivers Personal Growth Event of the Year with World-Renowned Guests and Breakthrough Innovations

Prüvit co-founder and CEO Brian Underwood kicks off MØRE on March 4th.

Whenever our community can come together, it’s a special time. But to have these three incredible thought leaders join and share their insights was invaluable.”— Brian Underwood, Prüvit

CEOLOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2022 / — Exogenous ketones innovator and keto category king Prüvit recently wrapped up a weekend of health technology breakthroughs, celebrity appearances and celebrations of their community’s health achievements. The Louisville industry-leader is known for their high energy events, and MØRE (March 4th – 6th) was no exception. It was a tremendous success and celebration of the large-scale innovations that are brewing for CEO Brian Underwood and his organization.

Prüvit’s investment in their cutting edge, interactive in-house studio was on full display, as people came together both in person and in virtual watch parties around the globe. Over a dozen countries were represented as international participants plugged in to experience this interactive conference from their remote setups, along with dozens of lucky attendees at the studio in Prospect, KY. Collectively, this group united to celebrate one of the fastest-growing direct sales communities in the world and gain new insights into taking charge of their business and personal development.

CEO and co-founder Brian Underwood presided over MØRE, alongside some of the most influential and inspiring thought leaders in the world of disruption, entrepreneurship and self improvement. Ultimate Performance Specialist Joseph McClendon III, a staple at Prüvit’s marquee events, shared his coaching expertise in an enlightening and educational speech that had the virtual and in-person attendees at a fever pitch. Life coach and author Jay Shetty brought his unique perspective as a former monk and a leader in the health and wellness space. Renowned speaker and entrepreneur Ed Mylett shared his practical life strategies to a captive audience that was thrilled to hear his take on success and achieving your goals in today’s world.

These speakers truly energized the event with their stories and ideas that fit seamlessly into the Prüvit ethos and energy. Brian was excited to have such an esteemed lineup of guests to build on everything he and his Prüvit team leads brought to the proceedings. “Whenever our community can come together, it’s a special time.” Underwood said, “But to have these three incredible thought-leaders join and share their insights was invaluable. Prüvit is focused on continuous growth and development, and I can’t think of anyone better to help us push that message forward.”

In addition to entrepreneurship and personal development thought leaders, Prüvit featured important insights from several of their top trainers and coaches, including Chrissy Petty, Dustin Schaffer, Jodi Scheibe, Katie Rollins, Rob DeBoer, Dr. Ryan Lowery, Nick Martinez, Mandy Mitchell, Stephanie Mielke and Steve Mielke.

The event was the perfect occasion to announce continuing innovations and initiatives at Prüvit. The virtual studio provided the ideal backdrop to showcase how they are able to reach a wide group of people and maintain connection in this period of isolation and fragmentation. The company leadership took this opportunity to find solutions that would make the community at large stronger and keep them together virtually until they are able to get back to full-scale, in-person retreats.

Underwood and Blake Mallen announced initiatives to engage, challenge, and energize the tens-of-thousands within the Prüvit community. At MØRE, they shared the winners of their Core 4 Challenge, in which participants take 4 simple steps, 4 days a week, for 4 consecutive weeks for a better you in 2022. Those who successfully complete the challenge are eligible to win big. A total of $34,000 was awarded to winners from the virtual stage as the kickoff of this program. That prize pool made the winners emotional and brought a new level of excitement to the event – and this is only the beginning. The second cycle is underway, with more winners and bigger incentives planned in the coming months.

In the spirit of innovation, the MØRE event was also the debut of Prüvit’s newest nootropic: Keto Kick. This shot-like technology will be available to everyone this Spring, and is sure to serve as a potent reminder as to why Prüvit has long been the most trusted leader in exogenous ketones development and production. The preview of Keto Kick also provided the ideal buzz to set the table for the return of an important element in the Prüvit universe that celebrates a key pillar of the organization: the value of collective experiences.

As we are beginning to come out of the pandemic, it’s imperative that everyone get back to the business of living their best lives. We’re all excited to ramp up the types of activities and adventures we loved before the globe saw the impact and isolation of Covid-19. That is why MØRE provided the perfect opportunity for them to bring back Better Trips. With the resurgence of travel and tourism, Prüvit was proud to announce their support of the next wave of their Better Trips program with an upcoming Cancun getaway.

As Prüvit continues its development and growth, they understand the value and importance of investing in both hybrid and virtual events. Their executive leadership looks forward to this new challenge, as the company is poised to succeed no matter what the future holds. In the near term, they eagerly await the announcement of their Level Up event in April as another hybrid experience from the virtual studio. In September, they’ll be back to in-person events where the enormous on-site energy inspires everyone in attendance.

In the meantime, Prüvit is incredibly proud of their continued effort to bring in such high-level thought leadership talent to consistently inspire the community and offer up powerful insights that go hand in hand with the company’s relentless innovation in the field of exogenous ketones. “As industry-leaders, it’s imperative that we stay ahead of the curve and remain adaptable as changes alter the business landscape and redefine how companies connect with their consumers, their community, and their culture.” Underwood said, “That’s what makes our movement into the virtual studio space the perfect compliment to our growth. We’re adapting to the landscape in real time and always looking for ways to leverage new innovations that solve a problem and work to improve our performance in the marketplace.”

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