Ed, Puerta Vallarta, and Time

Yesterday I sat on the patio overlooking the ocean. Today, I kayaked to a private island and met a new friend named Ed (you’ll meet him in the video and can say hello). I can only describe the past couple days as “awesome.”

We held the largest Challenge Party from Mexico—from the comfort of a private Villa, under the sun. We held a ton of conference calls. I went dune-buggy-riding with a bunch of Visalus Ambassadors. It’s awesome.

Then, I noticed, when I hopped on Facebook, that people were complaining about the fact that it was Monday. And, that got me thinking.

It’s About Time

I’ve always thought that anybody’s most valuable resource is time. It’s the only thing we cannot replenish. But, why then do we not treat it like our most valuable resource?

Why do we play by the rules of Monday through Friday or 9 to 5? Why aren’t we all designing our lives around our dreams and goals, and all the places we want to be and see, instead of around the time on someone else’s clock?


We work to live, not live to work.

I challenge you to refocus on your most valuable resource—time. Get yourself out of the position where it matters whether it’s Monday or Saturday. Make the list of experiences you want. Make it a check list instead of a wish list. Add some fun to your life.

Time is the one thing you can never get back.

Check out the video above. Say hello to Ed. He doesn’t know what day it is.

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