On The Edge of Flying

We live in a world that likes to analyze and plot. That’s what we get, I guess, when we live in the “Information Age.” And I’m not against analysis. I, myself, love to plan. The plans I’ve made have afforded me some incredible experiences.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience some of the greatest wonders of the world. I’ve pushed myself in Body by Vi Challenges to experience some of the greatest physical hurdles. And, I’ve been in business long enough to learn many of the most valuable lessons about both success and failure.

But, today, I sit in the Suite level at the Indy 500.

Today, I realize that one of the most valuable lessons I can pass on is on display in front of me. It’s a short piece of advice. It’s a quick trip. And, it’s only going to take you about half a second to truly understand it when you watch this video.

What’s the advice?

Put the pedal to the floor and hang on for the ride.

We can plan all we want, but over-planning, over-analyzing can paralyze you. You start overthinking. You become indecisive.

Mario Andretti said, “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” We love control. That’s why we analyze and plot. But sometimes you just need to let fly and see what happens when you charge forward full speed ahead.

There’s something there, right on the edge of control that sharpens us. I’m not sure what you call it. But I know it’s there. I’m sure it has something to do with the feeling I had in my gut watching the Indy cars rocket across the speedway. I was stationary. They were flying across the earth’s surface.

It’s a place few us go in this world. And yet hundreds of thousands of people attend the races all over the world. Why? I think it’s because we want to be on that edge. We want to go fast. We want to hold on to the wheel for dear life, scream our lungs out, and see where we end up. 

Maybe you’re stuck in a place of over-analyzing. Maybe you feel like your on cruise control. Here’s my thought for you today.

Let fly.

Put the pedal to the floor and hang on for the ride! 

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