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Blake Mallen’s Thoughts from the Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Check out this view in Northern Ireland of over 40,000 hexagon shaped rock columns that were shaped by the elements over 60 Million years ago. Blake Mallen t…

Have you ever thought about how your personal story shapes you?

Today, I’m on the tip of Northern Ireland. The wind is cold. It pierces my skin. Nevertheless, here I am, standing on rock columns that were formed more than 60 million years ago—this is called Giant’s Causeway.

Maybe you’ve heard of these majestic formations. They were, at one time, caused by volcanoes that heated, melted, and pushed the rock to the surface of the earth.

Yes, the notion that I’m standing on something formed 60 million years ago is a bit freaky. But, as I listened to the stories that surround these formations I was reminded of the stories that surround and form each and every one of us.

Responding To The Past, Shaping The Future

We all end up on paths in life that are very much related to our pasts. What I mean is, the things we endure and experience in the right here in  now often shape us; those experiences become our path as we look back and see how far we’ve come.

The paths shaped from our ever-growing pasts can serve as encouragement or caution. Many people often see their past as a reason “Not To” do something. If we experienced some kind of failure or hurt it’s easy live life a bit scared, kind of like a team that plays not to lose instead of a team who plays to win.

But I have a different philosophy.

I think our pasts give us reasons “To Do” something.

It’s the conditions we face in life that shape who we are today. But, it’s our responses to those conditions today that shape who we become tomorrow.

Sure, hard times come our way. Today might be “one of those days” for you. But that’s no reason to ease out of living. Rather, when those times come, you and I should lean into them. Why? Because our future will be shaped by what we do next.

What’s your story like? When you look back on the winding path that tells your story, what do you see? I’ll tell you what I see: decisions. Each step is a decision to keep going, to keep fighting, to keep learning, to keep growing. And today, I have another decision to make. And that decision will profoundly impact my future.

What decision will you make? What new page of your story will you write today?

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