ViSalus “Raises the Bar” — Officially Launches Nutra-Bar Snack Line

Los Angeles, CA – October 26, 2015 – ViSalus has raised the bar once again in helping others live a healthy lifestyle with the official introduction of Nutra-Bar – a delicious and nutritious snack product designed to support any healthy lifestyle goal while adding more flavor variety and greater flexibility for on-the-go lifestyles.
Thousands of Vi Promoters and Customers have been participating in the #ViFoundIt scavenger hunt on Vi’s social media accounts in anticipation of Vi’s new product launch, now revealed as #NutraBar. As part of Vi’s commitment to provide the world with smarter eating options, Nutra-Bars are the latest products available as part of ViSalus’ wholesome line of snacks which follow its successful launch of Vi Bites® in 2014, and the original snack product, Nutra-Cookies.
“Having access to quality snacks is crucial to achieving your health and fitness goals,” said Blake Mallen, ViSalus Co-Founder and CMO. “Nutra-Bars allow people to fit tasty, nutritious snacking into their days which supports our mission of making healthy living a lifestyle.”
Nutra-Bars come in two great tasting flavors—Chocolate Caramel, and Peanut Butter and Jelly—with the following features and benefits: A propriety blend of protein sourced from whey, pea and brown rice, eight grams of protein, eight grams of fiber*, 19 vitamins and minerals, packaged for convenience, suitable for vegetarians, kosher, gluten-free, and do not contain any wheat, artificial flavors or preservatives, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, sulfur dioxide or MSG.
The introduction of Nutra-Bars enables the company to leverage growth opportunities in the tremendously popular snack food category. Consumer trend of snacking between meals continues to grow1 with nearly 100% of people snacking at least once a day2 and 77 percent of snackers preferring ready-to-eat snacks3. Continued consumer demand for convenient and healthy food options will drive snack, cereal and nutrition bar sales in years to come4. Nutritional bars, which have achieved torrid sales growth in recent years, provide an especially appropriate platform to deliver the kind of dense nutrition today’s consumers crave and search for5. With increasing snack options in the marketplace, experts agree that the type of snack consumers choose matters6.
“When we increase smart eating options, we increase success rates,” said Mallen. “We know people are working hard to attain their goals and having quality, nutritious snacks is one way we are helping people reach those goals and maintain them for a lifetime.”
About ViSalus
ViSalus is a healthy lifestyle company committed to transforming life, health and prosperity around the world by creating meaningful connections, supporting physical transformations, and promoting entrepreneurial freedom. Through its flagship program, The Challenge, ViSalus has developed a leading platform for achieving weight-loss, health and fitness results. With NEON Energy Drink®, Vi is quickly revolutionizing the booming energy drink market with a top-shelf option that fits into Vi’s healthy lifestyle. Founded in 2005, ViSalus develops innovative weight-management products, functional foods, energy drinks and nutritional supplements that it markets and sells direct-to-consumers through an international sales force of independent Promoters. ViSalus offers its products in North America under the ViSalus® brand and in Europe under the Vi™ brand. ViSalus is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with offices in Los Angeles and throughout Europe. For more information about ViSalus, please visit and follow the Vi-Community on Facebook (, Instagram and Twitter (@ViSalus).
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* Each Nutra-Bar contains 6-7g of total fat depending upon flavor
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