ViSalus® Launches New Consumer Initiatives for 2016

Los Angeles, CA February 17th, 2016 – As ViSalus prepares to celebrate 11 years in business, the company’s continued focus on creating industry-leading high value nutritional products for consumers has never been more clear. Early results have shown that key initiatives launched at the beginning of 2016 are already paying dividends and paving the way for a personal and special customer experience with ViSalus’ family of brands.

Having already helped over 3 million people transform their bodies using one of the company’s Challenge Kits, Vi Customers and Promoters can now create their own customized mix of ViSalus products in their Challenge Kit. ViSalus now gives customers the power to personalize a ViSalus program that works for them, combining the meals, drinks, snacks, and supplements they prefer to support their Challenge and healthy lifestyle goals. With the ability to save up to 15% and get free shipping, the goal is to provide an enhanced consumer experience in the direct sales channel like never before.

“Consumers are smarter and more savvy than ever, and with advancing technology, consumer commerce and shopping online are prevalent the world over,” said ViSalus Co-Founder & CEO, Ryan Blair. “We wanted to bring a personalized and simple shopping experience to our community so that they are rewarded for getting great nutrition delivered right to their door, just the way they want it.”

With custom Challenge Kits, consumers can not only save money, but also be eligible to get their Challenge Kit for free and earn up to 500 Vi Points per month under the recently enhanced 3 for Free Program. Those Vi Points are now not only good for free ViSalus products, but also for items in the company’s new ViP Rewards store. Building on the success of brand loyalty programs, ViP Rewards offers exclusive gear that can only be purchased with Vi Points, as well as incredible Vi- Life® experiences.

Co-Founder & President Blake Mallen reflected on the importance of this innovation. “We are proud to have been the first in the industry to launch a 3 for Free program, allowing our Customers and Promoters to earn their next month’s product for free when they help three new customers to purchase their own Challenge Kits filled with great ViSalus products. With custom Challenge Kits, our enhanced 3 for Free Program, and our new ViP Rewards program, this is a very exciting time to join the Vi community. It’s our mission to make the world a healthier place and it begins with people achieving their personal Challenge goals.”

ViSalus has even rolled out brand new compensation enhancements for 2016 to reward Promoters who sell or who help ViSalus sell products directly to customers, by helping them earn Vi Points through many of the newly-launched and improved programs. Vi Points can also be earned when hosting or checking in at Challenge Parties and Challenge Groups, which help consumers learn more about which Vi Products they want to purchase and connect with others in pursuit of their healthy lifestyle goals.

As an innovator and pioneer in both healthy living and the direct selling industry, ViSalus’ devotion to customer satisfaction continues to be a driving force behind their community’s success. “ViSalus is a family, and when our community members go after their goals, we’re here to offer them the very best platforms, products and support,” added Mallen. “No two people are alike so we’re giving our community plenty of options to choose what works best for them in order to succeed.”


About ViSalus

ViSalus is a healthy lifestyle company committed to transforming life, health and prosperity around the world by creating meaningful connections, supporting physical transformations, and promoting entrepreneurial freedom. Through its flagship program, The Challenge, ViSalus has developed a leading platform for achieving weight-loss, health and fitness results. With NEON Energy Drink®, ViSalus is quickly revolutionizing the booming energy drink market with a top-shelf option that fits into Vi’s healthy lifestyle. Founded in 2005, ViSalus develops innovative weight-management products, functional foods, energy drinks and nutritional supplements that it markets and sells direct-to-consumers through an international sales force of independent Promoters. ViSalus offers its products in North America under the ViSalus® brand and in Europe under the Vi brand. ViSalus is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with offices in Los Angeles and throughout Europe. For more information about ViSalus, please visit and follow the Vi-Community on Facebook (, Instagram and Twitter (@ViSalus).

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