As Featured on TMZ News: Blake Mallen’s ‘Flashmob’ Community Movement with Alfonso Ribeiro Goes Viral

The past 20 years of my career in community marketing have included turning missions into movements that bring about transformational change. I love creating brands, platforms and strategies that unite people around a shared purpose while amplifying a unifying message that inspires mass action. I have learned that the bridge between a mission and a movement is a community of people who rally around it. The proven formula: the more people, the more energy, and the more results. 

In past and existing companies, I have been part of leadership teams that have expertly connected community movements to brand platforms when it comes to health, wellness and lifestyle. One of my favorite movements was collaborating with Alfonso Ribeiro (remember Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?!) in 2012 to mobilize more than 50,000 people around a mission to help people get healthier, 90 days at a time. 

We organized a community event that brought people together in over 300 cities across North America—at the exact same time, doing the exact same choreographed dance (the famous “the Carlton Dance”), on the exact same day. It culminated not only in hundreds of millions of media impressions and earned a World Record for ‘World’s Largest Simultaneous Flash Mob’ but also, more importantly, raised awareness on a massive scale around a life-changing mission. 


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