Blake Mallen Featured on Cover of Success Magazine

Blake stops by newsstand to buy his own SUCCESS Magazine

I stopped by the newsstand this morn to buy my own SUCCESS Magazine (and try to recruit Jay Leno & Brittany Spears!). LOL

I’m strolling down Ventura Boulevard. Yea, it’s the same Ventura Boulevard where you might run into Jay Leno, Brittany Spears, or my favorite Hollywood Newsstand. Why is it my favorite? Well, because it’s got that classic magazine stand feel. It’s got the most current versions of my favorite reads—magazines where the ink has hardly had time to dry. And, my favorite sections are obviously the health and fitness mags, and the business reads. I like Forbes. I like Inc. I like Success. And, today, I get to grab the brand copy of Success From Home, where the cover story is Visalus.

How’d we end up on every newsstand in America? Well, that’s simple actually. It’s because we’re giving people solutions to today’s hottest issues. Nobody can argue with the Centers for Disease Control that obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Nobody can argue that our nation’s eating habits and exercise habits need to change. No one can argue that people are looking for new and innovative ways to pull themselves out of the economic slump and regain control of their finances. And, nobody can argue that now more than ever people are looking to make positive changes in their lives—do things they’ve never done before, and become part of a massive movement toward health, happiness, wealth, and fun. Yea, I said it, fun.

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