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Negative Can Be Positive

May 10, 2013

So, I got the chance to sit down and ask Hulk Hogan for his advice on how I could succeed in my Body by Vi Challenge: Gain 20 Pounds of Muscle in Just 90 Days.

I expected a deep, and motivating conversation. And, that’s exactly what I got. Except, it also was attached to something he called, “The Fear Factor.”

Where’s the uplifting message? Where are the supportive, positive words? Isn’t this how we’re supposed to inspire one-another? Aren’t we supposed to be cheer-leaders?

Cheerleaders Are Not Enough

Well, sometimes rewards aren’t enough. Sometimes a negative consequence is actually needed if you don’t reach your goal. And, as you’ll see by watching the video that I linked at the bottom of this blog, “Negative Can Be Positive.”

Sometimes, as Hulk Hogan tells me in the short video above, we need a different kind of  “incentive, a vision, a fear factor.”

Yes, it may sound negative. But it is, in fact, supportive in nature as well—because never once does Hulk imply that my goal is somehow unattainable. Instead, he makes gaining 20 pounds of muscle not only attainable, but expected.

An incentive.

A vision.

A fear factor.

Here are some “Words of Wisdom” from Hulk Hogan:

Evaluate your own goals.

What incentives are your working toward? What’s your vision?

And what’s your fear factor?

What’s that negative consequence that will happen if you don’t succeed?

Maybe you need to fear getting your head shaved by your friends if you don’t reach your goal. Maybe the negative consequence is monetary. Maybe you’ll have to pay three of your closest friends a certain amount of money.

Get creative, but realize that having a fear factor is a good thing. It will add incentive to your challenge and help inspire you toward our goal.

This video is quite entertaining. Share it with your friends and maybe you all can hold each other accountable with a pair of clippers!