My ‘60-Day SHIFT to Better’ Challenge

Who’s up for a Challenge? 😉

I recently started this personal Challenge – and am inviting you to join me.

For over a decade, I’ve kept myself healthy and motivated by setting challenges (goals) that elevate my quality of living. Some of those challenges have been pretty crazy throughout the years. All of them have pushed me in some way to become ‘BETTER’ in different aspects of my life.

After some great conversations with close friends, mentors, health experts and psychology professionals, I came up with a personal challenge I’m calling: the 60-Day Shift to Better Challenge. It wraps up all the insight I’ve learned into 7 very simple and doable daily habits (shifts) that lead to BETTER.

So, better WHAT?

I believe that completing these 7 commitments in just minutes a day, consistently for 60 days, can overtime create more meaningful, more long-term shifts to better…

Physical health

Mental health


Here are my 7 daily shifts to BETTER in 60 days:

#1 – Energy

Drink Ketones a minimum of twice a day.

When you drink Ketones, your body goes into a nutritional ketosis and shifts gears to use fat as a fuel source, leading to better energy, better focus, better fat loss, better performance and so much more. What’s ketosis?

#2 – Hydration

Drink H20 at least half your body weight in ounces.

Since bodies are 60% water, staying hydrated helps everything from cardiovascular health and brain functioning, to optimal physical performance and better skin. Commit to hydration at a minimum of half your body weight in ounces, up to a gallon. 

#3 – Movement

Exercise at least 20 minutes every day.

Just get up and move—anything! Walking, biking, stretching…

#4 – Growth

Invest in daily personal development (book, podcast, video) at least 20 minutes.

I’m a huge advocate of personal and professional development. We’re built for progress. When we stop learning, we start dying. Exercise the brain—and then share what you learn.

#5 – Gratitude

Send at least 1 personal note (card, audio, video).

Here’s the positive psychology element to this Challenge. Send a personal message to at least 1 person. Avoid text, and instead opt for more personal ways to show appreciation: handwritten thank-you card, audio note, short video, etc. Gratitude can keep you out of negative energy states.

#6 – Positivity

Journal at least 3 positive things each day.

Negativity floods today’s conversations, feeds and screens. Journal in one place (print / digital) three positive thoughts or experiences from that day. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. It forces you to look back and reflect, which overtime will automatically reframe the way you approach life and shift your perspective to always looking for the positive.

#7 – Progress

Share your progress on social.

Starting with Day 1, post on your social media (Instagram / Facebook story) your Challenge updates. It will add a layer of public accountability—and enable you to celebrate your progress towards Better.

That’s it!

Just do all 7 commitments each day for the next 60 days, and you’ll shift to better overtime. You have until you fall asleep to complete the day. If you miss any, START OVER on Day 1.

Want to elevate yourself and move towards Better in just minutes a day? Join me. Get others to join. Tag me in updates with #shifttobetter – would love to support and celebrate you.

Are you up for the 60-Day Shift to Better Challenge?

Make today Day 1.

Download this image for a simple reminder…

P.S. Check out this #walkwithme podcast episode to learn more…

60 Day Shift to BETTER! – My Personal Challenge Goal

So…Who’s up for a CHALLENGE? I am, seriously, and I could use your help 🙂 . Coming into 2020 my health goal was to complete 2 personal Challenges this year…

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