5 Clues to Finding Your True Talents

I love to learn, but it wasn’t always that way in school.

It wasn’t until I found subjects I was passionate about that I fell in love with lifelong learning. Today, from entrepreneurship, global business and marketing, to personal development and psychology, I’m always looking to learn and grow.

I’m fascinated by the idea of human potential—what people are capable of—and how I can nurture that in them. After my longtime personal mentors and a top leadership expert, John C. Maxwell turned me on to Gallup Strengths Finder, and I discovered how advantageous it was to my staff and peers, I became a Gallup-Certified Coach. This way, I could help others leverage their strengths, as part of my personal mission to inspire people to move towards who they’re meant to be.  

We were all given God-given talents. It’s what makes each of us unique and special, and what makes diversity in the workplace so valuable and advantageous.

However, as noted in a recent article in Psychology Today we have a blind spot when it come to our own strengths. We can identify strengths in others, but we can’t see them in ourselves. We have a harder time knowing what we’re amazing at and how we can best contribute to diverse teams.

There’s a lot of benefits to discovering your natural talents. According to Gallup analysis, for example, people who leverage their strengths daily are three times more likely to experience an excellent quality of life, and six times more likely to be engaged at their jobs, as well as see increased productivity and a decreased possibility of quitting.  

Here’s the Top 5 clues to point you in the right direction.

#1 – Yearning

Each one of us gravitates towards a specific subject or function or job role. The fact that you feel compelled to do something is not random. It’s pointing you towards something you’re talented at. Pay attention to where you’re naturally leaning; it’s often an indicator of passion.

#2 – Rapid Learning

Ever approach a new task or job function, and suddenly you’re picking it up faster than others? That’s a big clue to your natural talent, for our strengths are typically things we find easy.  

#3 – Flow

Flow is where you get so focused, time distorts. As you leverage your strengths to complete a project or grow in a professional capacity, you tend to develop a natural rhythm. A cadence. It’s a steady stream of focused action moving you towards your goal.

#4 – Glimpses of Excellence

As you continue to work in your strengths zone, you’ll naturally start achieving more and advancing more. While moving from good to great, you’re able to see more results and the rewards that come along with all that.  

#5 – Satisfaction

Personal payoff is a big indicator that you’re leveraging your natural talent. You feel fulfilled and satisfied, which is really important on the happiness level. People all the time approach me in person or on social and ask how they can be more inspired or content at work. My answer is a question: Are you working within your strengths zone? (Their follow-up question: Well, how do I know if I’m in that zone?)

These clues will help you to start identifying your strengths. There’s also a lot of online assessment tools to help you hone in on your top talents. Whenever I give talks about this subject, mentors others or onboard new employees, I always advise completing the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment, which gives you personal insights into your top strengths.

I’m curious to know what your Top 5 are. Let me know in the comments.

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