Episode 77 – Becoming the HERO of your own life story – with Rachele Brook Smith

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Guest Bio: 

Rachele Brook Smith is an actress, host, coach, and motivational speaker, appearing frequently on Hollywood screens, modeling for major brands, and motivating fans around the world. After playing the lead in the sequel to the film that changed her life as a little girl and literally doing what everyone told her was impossible, Rachele is on a mission to empower others to #BeDisruptive, to disrupt doubt and become the hero of their own life story. Alongside her partner, Emilio Palafox, she has co-created their media company and popular relationship radio show, Relationship Renegades. 

About This Episode:

Rachele Brook Smith (@Rbrookesmith) and I talk about the theme of identity and how many of us tie what we do to who we are, which ultimately becomes our identity. We offer some ideas on how we can shift our identity and reinvent ourselves. Rachele shares insight into how to overcome and become a hero in your own life’s journey. Topics include comparison, perfectionism, self judgement, and what it takes just to be our own self. 



Rachele Brook Smith Instagram: @Rbrookesmith

Website: rachelebsmith.com 

Podcast: @relationship.renegades 

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