Episode 39 – Overcoming Overwhelmedness

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“Your life is controlled by what you focus on.”

Tony Robbins

About This Episode:

In this episode of “#WalkWithMe” I share three simple but powerful hacks that enable us, in moments we feel emotionally paralyzed or mentally overwhelmed, to shift our vantage points to instantly get us out of our head and help us move forward.


Have you ever felt emotionally paralyzed? Like, you’re stuck in your head? It’s horrible, and I think we’ve all been there; you can’t run away from your own emotions. I wanted to bring up the topic because today’s circumstances are causing many of us to feel like our emotions have been hijacked. The feeling of being overwhelmed or anxious, for example. Overtime, those feelings can move along to never-ending panic and ultimately slip into depression. Even with years of my extensive personal growth training and self-development work, I have found myself slipping into those feelings from time to time. 

Right now, we have a lot of time to be in our own head, without the positive outlets we used to have. So, I wanted to share three simple but powerful hacks that will help you take a different vantage point when you’re in the middle of an emotional freeze and want to get out of your own head.  

1 – Choose to see the bigger picture.

Shift the perspective to your future self at the end of your lifespan, and then look backward on the point you’re in right now. Here’s the question to ask yourself: 

If I focus on the bigger picture when it’s all said and done, does THIS really matter?

The THIS is what you’re in the middle of. It’s whatever is triggering your negative emotion or that you’re stuck in. Stop and shift the perspective. We get stuck on so many things that we feel is the end of the world from the vantage point we’re taking. But if you shift the perspective to when you’re 80 or 90, and you look back at this one moment, the situation might seem smaller than the energy you’re giving it. 

2 – Choose to see it through the eyes of somebody you look up to. 

Who do you look up to who handles situations really well emotionally and mentally? They probably have high emotional intelligence. When you panic or are stuck, ask yourself:

What would __[INSERT NAME]____ think or do in this same situation?

This allows you to step outside yourself and into somebody else’s perspective. Ask the question and your brain will give you an answer. 

3 – Choose to see it through the lens of faith. 

Faith is interpreted a bunch of different ways depending on your spiritual beliefs. We all need a faith in something—a bigger cause, a higher purpose, something outside just you. Look through the eyes of somebody who has 100% faith that everything that is happening is for a reason and everything will be okay. Ask yourself:

If the world was happening FOR me right now, what else could this mean?

This enables you to shift the meaning of what you’re experiencing to ‘this is happening FOR me instead of TO me’. 

These vantage points will help you shift the perspective—and thereby the emotions—whenever you feel emotionally panicked or stuck in your head. Maybe just one vantage point will snap you out of it, or maybe you will need all three to gain a holistic perspective.

Try one—and let me know how it goes. 

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