Episode 23 – Powerful Hacks to Instantly Elevate Your Energy

23. Powerful Hacks to Instantly Elevate Your Energy | #quarantineconversations

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” – Jim Rohn   About This Episode:   Ever met somebody and thought, “wow, that person has a lot of life in them?” It comes down to energy, and I’m a big believer that we feel most alive when our energy is at an optimum level.

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.”

Jim Rohn

About This Episode:

In this episode of “#quarantineconversations” I dive into one of my favorite topics “energy” in all facets of the word and provide simple, practical and tactical things you can do right now to instantly protect or elevate your natural energy. 

Ever met somebody and thought, “wow, that person has a lot of life in them?” It comes down to energy. I’m a big believer that energy is life. When we feel most alive, our energy is at an optimum level. I think age is less about the number of years and more about the level of energy. 

So, we need to protect our energy and figure out ways to elevate it on all levels while also getting rid of things that can lower it. Take old school video games, as an illustration. You start with bars of energy and while you play the game, you can either increase those bars or decrease them. Most mornings we wake up with a certain number of energy bars. Throughout the day, we’re either adding to or reducing them.  

Here are some simple and practical hacks that can instantly elevate your natural energy. 

Consume foods that give you energy.

Food can be a natural energy source. I try to eat food as close to their natural state as possible, while staying away from processed or refined foods. Try to avoid overeating or sugar, as it can deplete the body. Some of us need supplementation. Every morning, I take a multi-vitamin combo with minerals, essential oils and antioxidants.

Consume the right amounts of water.

Water is the core that moves everything in our body, yet a lot of us walk around dehydrated. Personally, I try to stick to ionized water with a high pH. I love Essentia water. Avoid alcohol and high sugar drinks, as they deplete the body. 

Tap into the right energy system.

Every one of us has three different types of fuel systems in our body. We can use carbs as fuel. We can use protein as fuel. But we also have the ability to use fat as fuel. A huge trend right now is the Ketone Conversation. Science supports that our body functions better when we use fat as fuel. Ketosis is the fancy word for when we’re naturally burning fat internally. I am proud to partner with Pruvit whose patented ketone technology helps me tremendously. 

Exercise daily.

Exercise every single day to raise your physical energy source. I exercise every morning as part of my daily routine. I recommend getting a Rebounder (fitness trampoline) and jumping on it 10 – 15 minutes throughout the day to work your lymphatic system and increase energy production.  

Get more oxygen through focused breathwork. 

Breathwork can increase our energy as oxygen is used more efficiently in the body. The opposite of that: shallow breathing and not fueling your body completely with oxygen. I use the Wim Hof breathing method, which involves deep inhaling and exhaling techniques.

Turn on the lights. 

Light affects energy. Our cells can convert light into energy, which is why sunlight is healthy. I use Red Light Therapy to feed my cells at a mitochondria level. 

Play with temperature.

Extreme hot and extreme cold, independently and together, help elevate energy. It’s the premise behind saunas and cold plunges. Put a steam shower in your shower and then turn it to cold for the last minute of your shower.  

Focus and meditate.

Where your focus goes, your energy goes. Leverage the Law of Vibration through meditation to raise your frequency level. I have done Transcendental Meditation (TM) every day for three years, and it has helped tremendously. There are great meditation apps you can use. Also, make sure you’re taking breaks throughout the day to reset and move.  

Manage your energy source when it comes to people. 

There are certain people who give you energy and those who suck it from you. Be mindful of how you absorb or expend energy. Being an introvert or extrovert is all about energy source. Extroverts get their energy by being around people, while introverts get their energy by being alone. 

Manage your emotions.

Some emotions give energy and some drain it. Faith, gratitude, appreciation, joy, love and happiness all can increase your energy. Stay away from emotions like fear, anger, guilt, stress, anxiety and loneliness, which suck our energy.  

The daily choices you make will either increase or decrease your energy bars, so use these hacks to elevate and protect your energy. 

What is a hack you want to apply?

Mentions on the Show:

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