Blake Mallen

On the surface, Blake is an owner and President at ViSalus, the global healthy lifestyle enterprise he co-founded in his early twenties. Dive deeper and you’ll discover a rare breadth of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and business leadership well beyond his years. To follow Blake is to accept an invitation to elevate what is possible in your pursuit of life…

About Blake

“It all changed when I stopped doing what I was ‘supposed’ to do.”

Blake's Life

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Our Son Is Born...

“My life is an adventure made up of genuine relationships, rich experiences and perpetual growth.”

Blake has never limited the scope of his life.

Largely, because he never rests on what he knows or what he’s done.
He’s always looking, always learning, always growing…

“I’ve always felt being open, honest and consistent are the best ways to lead…”

Sep. 20, 2016

Brain Tetris: Flip Your Filter to Create New Belief Patterns

For any 1980s video gamer obsessed with puzzles, Tetris was likely their game...

A ViSalus Business Plan (on a napkin!)

Blake Mallen closes Vitality Event