The point of having more
is giving more.

Needs are everywhere;
we just need the eyes to see them
and a heart to help.

Upon learning about the malnourishment occurring in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Blake mobilized the ViSalus community to help provide basic nutrition for thousands of people who were suffering along the Gulf Coast. The efforts after Katrina provided a roadmap for using ViSalus resources to help those dealing with catastrophic circumstances. When the people of Haiti were hit with the devastating 2010 earthquake, Blake again led ViSalus in providing thousands of meals for the victims. It was also there that Blake took special note of the thousands of children suffering under malnourishment. It uncovered a passion in him to provide a way for children everywhere to live healthy lives.

Over the years since Haiti, his efforts through ViSalus have been able to donate over 5 million nutritious meals to families and kids in need across North America and Europe, and has evolved into numerous philanthropic partnerships including, most recently, a national partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to continue providing nutritious options for both undernourished and obese children.

For Blake, sustaining a habit of generous giving is about being passionate about the cause you’re serving, and embracing a strategy of mobilizing the communities around the needs, to share the experience and create the biggest impact.