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The Challenge Magazine – Making Your Challenge Personal

Sep 23, 2012

The Challenge, February 2012

The Challenge for Everybody and Every Body

For every Challenge, there stands a unique goal. Imagine yours. What would it be?

The Body by Vi™ Challenge is helping people lose weight and get fit by the thousands, with new people starting their transformation journeys every minute. The beauty of the Challenge and the products that support it, however, are how many unique goals can be achieved in just 90 days.

“We challenge people to make their health a priority for 90 days,” says ViSalus® Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Blake Mallen. “That’s going to mean something different for every person, so it was important to have a plan that fits every body type and every goal.”

Think about what you’d like to accomplish over the next 90 days. Whether you want to lose 75 pounds or just tone up for the sunshine season, it’s incredible to see how many others share the same goal. There’s a Body by Vi Challenge Kit for every lifestyle. If you’re already athletic and training for your next marathon, or just want to balance out your daily eating habits, there’s a perfect Kit with your name on it.

Flex, Baby, Flex!

Blake’s Operation Transformation

Bodybuilders, trainers and others looking to add lean muscle mass are also gravitating to the Challenge. It’s become a popular vehicle for this regimented group of men and women to ensure their bodies are provided with the proper nutrients during intense training.

ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Blake Mallen figured that the best way to test the products being developed for the new Fit Kit was to be the guinea pig himself! Mallen publicly declared a goal that many thought would never be possible: Add 20 pounds of lean muscle mass in 90 days through diet, exercise, and ViSalus products!

No stranger to physical fitness, Mallen had embarked on previous Challenges that included Olympic triathlons, Special Forces Obstacle competitions, and climbing the highest mountain in the continental U.S. Changing his body type from that of an endurance athlete to adding muscle mass would take patience, dedication and a staggering 200-300 grams of protein a day.

Using the Body by Vi™ Fit Kit, the ViSalus Vi-pak, and eating what seemed like a lifetime’s worth of chicken was the hardest part in many ways for somebody who lives such an on-the-go lifestyle. But the convenience of ViSalus products truly made all the difference, and products like GO and PRO fueled his grueling workouts. In the end, Mallen exceeded his goal, adding 23 pounds of lean muscle in 90 days, and even earning a feature in Natural Muscle magazine for his efforts. It was a good thing, too, because he had made a bet with friend and fellow Challenge enthusiast Hulk Hogan that he would let Hulk shave his head if he failed to meet his goal.

Whatever keeps you motivated, when you set your goal, the Challenge Community is here to support you. What’s your next Challenge?

View videos on See Blake’s current Challenge on Facebook.

100+ Club?

Total physical transformations reveal themselves often in this Community! If you’ve got 50, 75, 100+ pounds to lose, you’re not alone. What can feel isolating and impossible to tackle on your own begins to feel “doable” when you find yourself in the company of others just like you!

Dozens have already joined the 100 Pound Club, losing more than 100 pounds on the Body by Vi Challenge. Most have relied on the Transformation Kit to achieve their results. A goal so lofty may likely take multiple Challenges to achieve, but by setting attainable goals every 90 days, these mini milestones are adding up to dramatically changed lives.

Some Fine-Tuning?

Many of us tend to put on a few pounds now and then. Maybe it’s during the holidays, or just when we don’t have time to exercise as much as we’d like. With all the running around we do, it’s easy to forget that it isn’t equivalent to actually running. But a few pounds and a jeans-size later, we remember.

Getting back to your goal weight or wanting to firm up a bit doesn’t have to be stressful, though. It can be really fun when you’re joined by thousands of others doing the same thing! Using the Balance or Shape Kit, this goal is always within reach.

Focus on Fitness

For those who aren’t necessarily looking to lose weight but still have a 90-day fitness or health goal, the Challenge provides an awesome opportunity to shoot for that new personal victory. Sometimes maintaining your weight is a victory in itself, especially once you’ve achieved your weight-loss goal. Staying active is a key component for that goal, and the Core Kit helps those looking to maintain an active lifestyle, 90 days at a time.

Go Pro with Performance Energy

When you’re reaching for that next fitness goal, there’s no better way to fuel your Challenge than with the brand-new Fit Kit. Featuring performance energy drinks GO and PRO, along with other products that help you play at the highest level and recover from those intense workouts, the Fit Kit has already become a staple of those looking to achieve some of the more extreme personal goals.

“I’m a marathoner and have been for a while,” says Jamie H. of Los Angeles. “Adding ViSalus PRO to my workouts has had a remarkable impact on my run-time! And having the support of such a huge community has totally kept me on track and pumped up. It’s easy to get inspired just surfing around the pages. Plus, I’ve been surprised to learn how many tips I’ve had to offer. Who knew?!”

You need to know that you deserve to feel your healthiest. We all do. Consider this the place you can go 24-7 to focus on you—understand more about you—and become your very best!

No matter who you are or where you live, you’ve got nothing to lose. So take the first step—set your goal. Say it out loud or write it down. Be part of the Community. Be accountable. Your personal goal is within reach.
Go be victorious!

“I lost 115 pounds on the Challenge!” —
Rod Elliott
Body by Vi Champion

“I lost more than 40 pounds on The Body by Vi Challenge. Best of all, I’ve been getting my Challenge Kit for free for more than a year now and have been able to keep off the weight.”
—Kendra Morgan Body by Vi Champion

“As a personal fitness expert and somebody who has used ViSalus products while competing for Team USA in world triathlon competitions, there’s nobody who I wouldn’t recommend them to!”
Trisha Byerley
Team USA Triathlete

“Before every workout, 
I pop a ViSalus GO shot.”
Danny Linares
Body by Vi Champion

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