“To be relevant tomorrow,
we must be innovating today...”

Belief is a powerful thing...

Especially when it comes to business ventures. Blake had a strong belief in himself as a young entrepreneur fresh out of college, but it took the belief of a more seasoned businessman to turn his ideas into reality. With this businessman’s belief, backed by his financial investment into Blake’s venture, Blake was able to turn a job into ownership, and ownership into the co-founding of a business empire. Needless to say, that early investor was glad he believed in Blake, and Blake was more than happy to return his investment ten-fold within a few years.

Now it’s Blake’s turn. With the success of ViSalus comes the incredible opportunity to believe and invest in other entrepreneurs everyday. That’s why he and his ViSalus co-founders created HashTag One, a $20M investment fund to fuel the growth of promising entrepreneurs and their game-changing ideas.

Some of Blake’s Investments Include: