“I believe the greater the challenge, the greater the reward…”

When Blake ditched his “supposed to” as an 18-year old Pre-Law student, opportunities opened up before him and an ideal career began to take shape.

By the time he graduated early from the University of California, San Diego, he had already begun cross training his way to the top of a telecommunications direct marketing company. Less than two years later, he and a partner acquired the company’s assets and parlayed that into founding ViSalus, a global nutrition and healthy lifestyle empire.

While Blake’s formal title at ViSalus is President, his scope of experience and leadership has never been limited by a corporate role. He never rests on what he knows or what he’s done. He’s always looking, always leaning, always learning. This philosophy has allowed him to accomplish more by his mid-thirties than many do in an entire career, including…

founding multiple successful start-ups
raising millions in investment capital
leading multiple product and company acquisitions
leading the creation and marketing strategy for a portfolio of products grossing more than $2B
building global operations from the ground up spanning over a dozen countries
becoming a self-made millionaire by 25
preparing a nine-figure IPO and then pulling it
selling his company to a billion dollar public company
architecting web and mobile technologies that now service a large portion of an industry 
founding a $20M private equity fund focused on disruptive start-ups
leading a $143M management buy back of a company he founded

Blake is known today as a values-driven culture-centric entrepreneur and a disruptive marketing innovator with a keen sense of technology trends. This combination continues to ensure that he and his ventures remain in a pattern of growth. It is also the foundation of his passion to cultivate real community wherever he goes, and inspire others to embrace the challenge of becoming impactful entrepreneurs.