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TEDx Shift the Script Giveaway winners Announced

#ShiftTheScript Giveaway WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Aug 20, 2018

Blake here, with some personal news I’m excited to share!

I recently got invited to give a new TEDx Talk titled…

Shift The Script: Why Your “Supposed To” No Longer Works

And according to the TEDx YouTube Channel at the time of this post, of the over 1700 new TEDx videos uploaded in July 2018, my video is currently the #1 most watched new TEDx Talk in the world!

Pretty crazy! 😉

I am both incredibly honored and humbled that so many people are connecting with the mission behind my vision to “Shift The Script.”

Watch Blake's TEDx Talk


And since TED Talks are all about “ideas worth spreading,” to celebrate the opportunity, I put together a fun Social Giveaway for anyone who watched and helped share my talk.


1 iPad Pro

1 Pair of Beats Wireless Headphones

50 Exclusive #ShiftTheScript Hoodies

To be eligible for the Giveaway, you must have visited and clicked the Enter Button to

1️⃣ Submit Email
2️⃣ Follow my IG @BlakeMallen
3️⃣ SHARE the Talk using link: & #shiftthescript

Every @Tag on a Giveaway Post =  1 extra entry. No limit on entries.

This Giveaway Period ended Monday Aug 20th, and all Winners are listed below.
If you are on the list, please check your messages and reply with mailing address and hoodie size.

Congratulations to all the Winners and huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated.


While this first Giveaway has ended, the movement has just begun!

To get access to insights I’m getting, people I’m meeting, and progress we’re making on the “shift”, (as well as more fun contests and giveaways!), be sure to:

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And don’t forget to continue to SHARE the Talk with those who it can impact!

To make it simple, this SHARE PAGE is full of posts and images to share, as well as 1 minute video clips, and 15 second Instagram Story clips you can download:


@Samuel.j.waters (IG)  – iPad Pro & Hoodie

@Landoncloes (IG)  – Beats Wireless & Hoodie

  1. @lewishowes (TW) – Hoodie
  2. @Jp_tdkn (IG) – Hoodie
  3. @Autumn_livfit  (IG) – Hoodie
  4. @Forever_brett (IG) – Hoodie
  5. Gary Ausbon (LI) – Hoodie
  6. @Tomoverchaplin (IG) – Hoodie
  7. @Bwar82 (IG) – Hoodie
  8. @khane_found_help (IG) – Hoodie
  9. @Avasdaddyjoey (IG) – Hoodie
  10. @giovanni_caro_quinterr (IG) – Hoodie
  11. @wyatt_heath (IG) – Hoodie
  12. @ccgeerts (IG) – Hoodie
  13. Joe T (LI) – Hoodie
  14. @wearetwd78 (IG) – Hoodie
  15. @isaiahysco (IG) – Hoodie
  16. @Jusbee_king (IG) – Hoodie
  17. Shannon Schur (LI) – Hoodie
  18. @brendagagne (IG) – Hoodie
  19. @chrisjordanintheuk (IG) – Hoodie
  20. @Jenpurga (IG) – Hoodie
  21. Jeff Robator (LI) – Hoodie
  22. @livhealthywithme (IG) – Hoodie
  23. @leighann_farrior (IG) – Hoodie
  24. Amanda Hill (LI) – Hoodie
  25. Mark DeGuzman (FB) – Hoodie
  26. @lharm23 (IG) – Hoodie
  27. @Santiagoarana22 (TW) – Hoodie
  28. @iamlindseycurry (IG) – Hoodie
  29. @johnnaparr (IG) – Hoodie
  30. Marshall Hawkins (FB) – Hoodie
  31. @faithnwellness (TW) – Hoodie
  32. @mikecraigonline (IG) – Hoodie
  33. @Imchriskitchens (TW) – Hoodie
  34. @rjbarros (IG) – Hoodie
  35. Jordan Paris (FB) – Hoodie
  36. @staceyvasilovich (IG) – Hoodie
  37. Cristina Mistri (FB) – Hoodie
  38. @iamtonylucero (IG) – Hoodie
  39. Kristynia Goudsmit (FB) – Hoodie
  40. @vickimeyer (IG) – Hoodie
  41. @brianofthevines (IG) – Hoodie
  42. Andrea petryk (FB) – Hoodie
  43. Nancy Puga (FB) – Hoodie
  44. Shawna Lee (FB) – Hoodie
  45. Taylor de Sanchez (FB) – Hoodie
  46. Ed KoKo (FB) – Hoodie
  47. Charissima Albright (FB) – Hoodie
  48. Ron Cool (FB) – Hoodie
  49. Erika Pearson (FB) – Hoodie
  50. Sellers BradGina (FB) – Hoodie










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