I believe the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Whether it’s climbing the tallest peak in the continental US, or competing in my first Olympic Triathlon; sparring in a national Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition, or packing on 23 pounds of lean muscle, follow me as I challenge myself to constantly take my personal health to new heights, 90 days at a time.

90-Day Challenge


Blake Mallen’s “Project 10″ – Blog 2: The Strategy

The Goal (Build 10 lbs. Lean Muscle):    Set! “I want it” Video:    Submitted! “Before Photos” & Measurements:    Taken! Now for —> The Strategy!   As with most health Challenges, the strategy boils down to two things:  Diet & Exercise. When trying to build lean muscle, “diet” is really about protein.  My …


Blake Mallen’s “Project 10″ – Blog 1: The Goal; Meet Emily

So… it’s time for a new Challenge! If you have followed any of my other Challenge Blogs, you know that I’ve done quite a variety of 90 Day Challenges.  My “Active” Challenges range from competing in an Olympic Triathlon, to racing in a Tough Mudder; and climbing Mount Whitney, to entering a …


Keep Your Sight on The Summit – Lessons from Mt Whitney

It’s the highest peak in the continental United States. And, it’s quite a climb. Whenever I take on these Challenges, I always think I know what I’m going to learn. And, I’m always surprised by the fact that I always encounter suprises. But, isn’t this true with all endeavors? Before …

blake-Jiu Jitsu

The Jiu Jitsu Finale: Lessons Learned

You do the work. You put in the hours. You invest the sweat. Sometimes, you win. And other times, you lose. But the product of your work matters much less than the process you go through to achieve it. That was my takeaway from our 90-Day BodyByVi Jiu Jitsu Challenge. It …

Look Good

Look Good, Feel Good

Want a simple formula that could make you more confident and successful? It’s something that’s been shared in locker rooms and boardrooms across the nation. Look good, feel good—feel good, play good. Look the part, and you’ll feel a boost of confidence. Feel that boost of confidence, and you’ll perform …

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